Garage door: why choose a sectional door?

The choice of the door of the box is one of the most important decisions during the construction or renovation of the house because it implies a careful evaluation of the various aesthetics and the infinite models available overhead garage doors manufacturers in canada.

There are so many factors at play: the space available, the design , the functionality of the door, the masonry work required for installation and much more.

It is clear that a person with little experience could go into confusion turning the choice into a mission impossible . In these situations there is only one thing to do: rely on those who know something about doors .

And (not to brag) who better than IMSA? For over 40 years it has been dealing, among other things, with manual and motorized garage doors for the home and for the company.

How does a sectional door work?

Let’s start with the basics… First you need to understand how a sectional works technically .

It must be said that this type of closure is innovative as the doors are composed of horizontal steel panels internally insulated and connected to each other by hinges.

The panels slide inside the garage on special vertical guides, curve in minimal spaces and completely free the entrance compartment going to “disappear” arranging itself parallel to the ceiling .

The installation is guaranteed even in the presence of sloping ceilings or in the absence of masonry bundles, as they will be made by us with aluminum tubes in the same finish as the door.

There is also a lateral sliding version where the sectional doors slide on guides placed on the floor and ceiling, curve and, in the phase of maximum opening, remain adjacent to a wall inside the room.

This solution is ideal in situations where it is necessary to eliminate the obstruction in the architrave because it provides for the sliding of the panels without the use of floor trolleys. The hermetic closure is guaranteed by a mix of rubber seals and brushes on the entire perimeter.

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