Advantages of espresso pod machines

ESE pods, being standard, can be found easily and of various brands in the supermarket

The pods, being made only with coffee and paper (casing that encloses the coffee) are totally  biodegradable and compostable : they can be disposed of in the wet or in the composter and will become compost , or fertilizer similar to soil Best coffee machine for beginners.

The cost of the pods is a little higher than the powdered coffee but not prohibitive: about 20/30 euros per kilo.

Standard pressing always guarantees a perfect result, regardless of who prepares the coffee (unlike what happens at the bar).

Espresso coffee machines

Automatic espresso coffee machines

Automatic machines, as the name implies, do everything by themselves. The coffee beans are loaded into the tank and the machine grinds the coffee, prepares the coffee and stops dispensing at the desired length.

Advantages of automatic espresso machines

reduced cost of coffee (even lower than coffee with manual powder machines)

use of coffee beans

the grinding of the coffee at the time of preparation guarantees an incomparable perfume and aroma

low production of coffee-related waste; the funds deriving from the disbursement can be thrown in the wet, in the domestic /condominium composter or used directly as fertilizer / fertilizer / pesticide.

Capsule espresso coffee machines

Capsule espresso coffee machines are the most popular as they have a low cost and the advantage of being very compact and not dirty. They are the classic machines used in the workplace, also because they are easy to use and require very little maintenance.

To use them, insert the capsule and close the compartment, place the cup and start dispensing the coffee; delivery ends by itself and it is possible to set the height or different heights of the coffee.

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